API Docs

Widget Configuration

Configuring an widgets involves creating a new widget for any type of recommendations that you want on your e-commerce platform.


  • Go our cartup econsole.
  • Enter a user name and password combination and then click the SIGN IN button.
  • After SIGN IN, you wil be redirected to the homepage of CartUp AI.
  • Then click on Recommendations
  • click on Widgets
  • Click on Create Recommendation on the right side of the screen
  • Fill the following mandatory fields for the widget to be created
Select Recommendation Type
Helps to choose the type of algorithm more suitable for the widget. eg - Recommendations based on wishlist created by the user or Based on the purchase history
Select Page Type
Helps to choose the recommended pages where the widget can be placed based on the algorithm selected.
Recommendation id
Must be unique ID that will be referenced on to the store
Recommendation Title
Title that should appear for the widget on the storefront
Selector Type
By Default - Division ID - For manual placement of the widget
DOM based for choosing from the list (* Contact Support for further help with the activation )
Widget Display Type
Option to choose from a Caraousel or Matrix display types
  • Click on Save to save the widget configuration
  • Make sure to turn on the widget on the Widgets page by clicking on the 3 dotted lines and clicking on the Turn ON/OFF slider