To reconfigure your search

Step-1 :"Click 'Reconfigure' to adjust your search settings."

Step 2: Just click and adjust the following search general settings.

Searchable attribute:

Searchable attributes are specific characteristics associated with products in the catalog that can be used as a criterion for conducting searches or filtering results.

  • e.g., Name, Price, Category, etc,.

Default sorting:

Select how the products should be sorted by default.

  • e.g., just rearrange the values or you can add any sort entities


Number of hits per page. Default count is 20.You can change it if desired.


Using Tag names or CSS class name or ID, identify your search bar and search result.


Select a theme for a convenient way to personalize the user experience, aligning it with your branding preferences or specific design aesthetics.

Index Languages:

Sets the languages at the index level for language-specific processing, including tokenization and normalization.

Query Languages:

Sets the languages to be used by language-specific settings and functionalities such as ignorePlurals, removeStopWords, and CJK word-detection.

Step 4 : Click on Save to save the search configuration.

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