To configure plp

Step 1. Click on “Create custom category pages”

Step-2 : Select “Create category Pages”

Step-3 :Give your new category page a distinctive name.

  • For example: designer_velvet_shirt

Step-4 : Craft your category page's relevance by entering targeted keywords.

  • For example: shirts, designer shirts, casual shirts

Step-5 : Increase your SEO effectiveness by incorporating relevant meta keywords.

  • For example: velvet shirt, party shirt, fancy shirt

Step-6 : Boost your SEO with a meta description. Don't miss out on enhancing your website's visibility!.

Example: discover our exclusive collection of designer velvet shirts, perfect for elevating your party attire. crafted with luxurious materials, these shirts offer both style and comfort.

Step-7: Enhance your search by adding keywords, then don't forget to save your changes!.

Example: designer shirts, velvet clothing, luxury party wear, men's velvet shirts, women's velvet tops.

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