Getting Started

Requests to Cartup AI APIs are standard HTTP(s) calls that can be made from the command line or using the tools available in your chosen programming language, framework, or BI tool. There’s no need to install any additional bespoke packages.

You'll can createAPI_KEYfrom Cartup AI UI console.

Cartup AI will support any application that is able to make a web request. The API has been tested to support C#, Go, Java, Javascript, Python.

Cartup AI requests must include your API key, which is available from the Cartup AI UI console. Cartup AI does not store API keys so make a note of it once you generate one. You can revoke and generate new keys at any time through the console.

Keys are subject to limits based on your plan. These include which services you can access, monthly request quotas, and rate limits.

Retrieving Services available on Cartup

We provide an endpoint to programmatically view all the available services you have access to:

  -H 'Authorization: Bearer $YOUR_API_KEY'

Sample response

HTTP Code: 200 Message: OK

Description: The response contains all the services you have activated on the Cartup AI console. successfully.

Response Body

    "name": "Search",
    "description": "Search APIs for search suggestions and results",
    "version": "0",
    "cost": 1

HTTP Code: 400 Message: Not Acceptable

Response Body 
    "errMsg": "No active services. Please consult your adminstrator",

You can also query for details of a specific Service by sending a GET request instead of a POST request:

Note that Cartup AI always provides the latest version of its services. If your results look different over time it’s likely because we’ve upgraded the core technology. You can check via this endpoint to see when it was last updated (last_date) and what version Engine is being provided (version).

API Performance

Free trials are not subject to any Service Level Agreement. In general we aim for 99.9% uptime.

Latency of the services is variable depending on the type of services called. Search and Recommendation services take on the order of 10-100 milliseconds.


The most common errors you may see are:

HTTP Status Code

HTTP Status Code


Check your error message


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Latest Updates

September 14, 2021

  • Added /available_services endpoint to get all the active services

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