Create Widget

Configuring an widgets involves creating a new widget for any type of recommendations that you want on your e-commerce platform.

Step 1: Click on 'Create custom widget'

Step 2: Click 'Create Recommendation' on the right side of the screen.

Step 3: Fill the following mandatory fields for the widget to be created.

Select recommendation type:

Choose the algorithm best suited for the widget.

  • e.g., based on the user's wishlist or purchase history.

Select page type:

Helps to choose the recommended pages where the widget can be placed based on the algorithm selected.

  • e.g., Product page, Home page

Recommendation id:

Must be unique ID that will be referenced on to the store.

  • e.g., home_trending,plp_makealook

Recommendation title:

Title that should appear for the widget on the storefront.

  • e.g., Trending items, You may like

Selector type:

CartUp AI Widgets can be placed on a web page either based on a selector type (Div Tag) or based on the Document Object Model (DOM). Please select which method you would like to use for your installation.

Product count:

What is the maximum number of products you would like to show in this widget. We recommend limiting to 10 products, but you can select up to 20 products.


Select a theme for a convenient way to personalize the user experience, aligning it with your branding preferences or specific design aesthetics.

Step 4 : Click on Save to save the widget configuration.

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