Cartup AI API Interface - Built for intelligence

Cartup AI offers a full suite of powerful e-commerce intelligence APIs built on open and serverless architecture, there by enabling unification of all your channels. We unleash artificial intelligence (AI) for retailers across digital e-commerce channels to deliver captivating experiences. All critical functions are pre-built APIs, easily integrated, and SaaS-based. Accelerate your transition to true personalization with CartUp AI.

Cartup AI API brings scalable eCommerce discovery, search and recommendation APIs to your enterprise. The API can integrate data with your unique eCommerce channels (Web/Mobile/Messenger etc.) and diverse workflows.

Our APIs are based on REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural principles and follows standard REST practices. All our services are run through loosely coupled microservices to ensure smooth operation.

By connecting with Cartup APIs, you can develop a full-fledged e-commerce intelligence solution, improve operational efficiency, and ensure profitability.

Join us now to simplify complexity! You are welcome to leverage our Postman collection to test drive our APIs.

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