About Recommendations

With recommendations, you can present relevant products and nudge more visitors to convert. With CartUp AI, you can enable deep learning recommendations that understand customer intent with a click of a button. Our AI technology examines subtleties of digital behaviors in order to understand a customer’s genuine needs and preferences. From these insights, relevant product recommendations are surfaced which create personalized shopping experiences. Swift product discoverability, providing recommendations, reduces the search effort and avoids drop offs. As a result, you are able to reactivate or retain loyalty and uplift conversation rates.Our recommendations increase sales by 4-6%. We integrate in minutes and we prove results before you pay, risk-free.

Commerce Experience

As merchants put the shoppers at the center of the organizational vision, the Cartup AI Commerce deliver winning experiences at speed and scale. The research team at Cartup AI makes fundamental contributions to the field of AI/ML that has benefits in practice. The areas we have been focusing on include automated machine learning, meta-learning, data augmentation, deep learning optimization to deliver the magical shopper’s experience in real-time.

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