Create badge

Step 1: Click on 'Create custom dynamic badges'

Step 2: Click 'Create badging' on the right side of the screen.

Step 3: Fill the following mandatory fields for the badge to be created.

Step 3.1: Badge Name:

Enter a unique badge name.

e.g., sale_badge_text, lowstock_badge_image

Step 3.2: Badge Type:

Default badge type should be rules.

Step 3.3: Badge Conditions:

Select the rules or conditions under which the badge should be applied to a product. Badges can be activated automatically based on the 'Similarity' of images or by applying specific rules to attributes such as Price, among others.

  • e.g., Price, stock, etc,.

Step 3.4: Asset Specification:

Select badge asset specification, text or image.

Step 3.4.1: If the asset specification is text,

If it is text, add the 'Badge Title' and simply click to customize the font color, size, style, background color, badge size, and shape.

  • e.g.,Please refer the below image.

Step 3.4.2: If the asset specification is image,

If it is an image, add the image type using a badge link, choose from the badge library, or upload from your system, and specify the image size as well."

Step 3.5: Badge Placement:

"Simply inspect the product title, copy the selector, and paste it here."

  • e.g., Please refer the below image.

Step 3.6 : Preview:

"Just click on 'Preview' to check the badge, then 'Save' the badge."

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